About Us

About Us

We are a completely vegan concept store that comes from the combination of love for animals and fashion.

We select the best brands of clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and cosmetics for you that, for ethical reasons, do not use materials or ingredients of animal origin and we ensure that the production methods used are in line with the Vegan philosophy of life, guaranteeing a 100% secure purchase.

our identity

We want to contribute to the respect for life and the environment, promoting the purchase and conscious consumption of friendly products of the planet and animals. With the exception of plant origin, the products are, in fact, also alternatively: eco-sustainable, biodegradable, biological, natural, certified, made with waste or recovered materials.

We support small and medium-sized artisan businesses, characterized by our own sensitivity and by a constant commitment in favor of associations and non-profit projects, to which special attention to the environment, working conditions, the exploitation of resources, the origin of the ingredients and fabrics is paid.

our mission

We want to bring new knowledge and awareness to the final consumer and provide the necessary tools to inspire a revolutionary change in the world of fashion and in everyday life.

Our goal is to completely eliminate products of animal origin, favoring the demand for 100% plant products without any cruelty.

We want to show that each of us can contribute, in our small way, to do great things for our planet, simply by making the right choice.

the founder

Martina became a vegan in December 2011, after discovering the cruelty and suffering that lie behind intensive farming and, in general, the food industry of animal products or derivation.

From the awareness of how much the animals were also involved in other production industries and how their exploitation impacted on the environment, the idea of ​​Veg in Vogue was born and the need to contribute to making this world less cruel and more vegan, without giving up beauty, design and quality.

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